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Bean Pictures – Malaysia Wedding Cinematographer & Videographer Studios based in Kuala Lumpur state.

* Malaysia Top 10 Cinematographer Studio (Featured by TallyPress)

* Malaysia Top 10 Wedding Cinematographers (Featured by The Wedding Vow Singapore)

* Awards Winning of Asia WPA (Asia Wedding Photographers Association)

We believes that marriage is more than a journey of life. It is a promise, a vow, and a lifetime commitment for him to give his very best to the person he loves and wishes to walk this journey with. The definition of cinematography is about the creation of motion picture images. It can involve the use of film or digital imagery, with a movie camera. It is closely related to the art of still photography.

So wedding cinematography in its strictest definition should be the use of these cinematic techniques to enhance and elaborate, the usual aspects of a wedding video. As the wedding cinematographer, we using HDSLR / Mirrorless cameras and equipment to change the style in which wedding days are captured. Other than that, we have expanded our services to corporate and events video producing. We are well-known for our superior work and reasonable cost for the people.

Creativity and attitude, are what we hold on for all these years. Be an explorer. You will never know what you are built for until you really find it out.